Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Topaz by Beverly Jenkins

Topaz (Avon Historical Romance)Topaz by Beverly Jenkins

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Readers Lend Me Your Ear and Eyes!!!!

I want to introduce you to one of my favorite authors on earth!

Mrs. Beverly Jenkins

She is an African American author who writes historical and contemporary romance novels, filled with love, lust, mystery, intrigue and for the historical romances some of the most unknown historical facts that you never learned in school.

Ever so often I find myself re-reading her books because they are that good. I just finished Indigo a few days ago and let me tell you I love that book. Indigo is the name given to Hester Wyatt a former slave now a stop on the underground railroad of sorts. She is a rest stop in Michigan for the weary before they head on to Canada. One night she is brought a man that is known only as the Black Daniel (a slave thief) he steals slaves and brings them north to freedom but there is more to the Black Daniel than meets the eye.

Right now I am reading Night Song and it is the story of a Buffalo Soldier and a school teacher. There is alot more to it than that trust me. There is some arson, a few murders and a kidnapping or two.

The books in order of release date per her website are:

Night Song

Vivid - This one is about a black female doctor, unheard of in that day and a time in a all black town in Kansas.


Topaz - is my all time favorite because of Dixon Wildhorse, god knows a man like this can only be created in a book because I don't if God made a man this beautiful or skilled at lovemaking in real life. He is part black and part Seminole Indian and to settle a debt owed to him he accepts the hand of a thief's daughter and believe me there is a little Katherine Wildhorse inside of me. She is a virgin and pretty naive when it comes to dealing with men but she is also a journalist who poses as a man so that she can be published. When he takes her back to his town where he is the Sheriff she joins up with the Dewies (a group of women) and all hell breaks loose. How embarrassing is it to be the sheriff and have to bond your own wife out of jail. Jackson Blake and the Terrible Twins and Griffin Blake are introduced in this book.There is so much more to this story.

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