Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Business of Love by Angela Winters

The Business Of Love (Arabesque)The Business Of Love by Angela Winters

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I forgot how good a writer Angela Winters is until I found this book at the Half-priced book store. This book has murders and mystery and a man's journey to remember where he came from.

I can not tell you much about the book without giving it away. Maya is working for and is part owner of a hotel chain started by her father and his best-friend. Maya's father was killed in a automobile accident and her memories of him are tainted as she chooses to remember only the good parts of him. Everything Maya and her business partner do is to make her father proud. On the eve of the day the hotel chain is to go public a resident who actually lives in the hotel is murdered and Maya finds her body.

Trajan is the public relations person hired to help them advertise regarding the business ventures. However he and Maya do not get along at all, he treats her like a child and she does not like it. After awhile things change but he keeps messing up because he puts business before everything else. Trajan believes that money is more important than anything else. This is a definite good read. The story evolves into much more from here.

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