Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lessons Of A Lowcountry Summer by Rochelle Alers

Lessons of a Lowcountry SummerLessons of a Lowcountry Summer by Rochelle Alers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have a few favorite authors of contemporary fiction and romance and Rochelle Alers is definitely high on the list. I know that when I pick up a book written by her I will not be disappointed and I have never been.

I read Lessons Of A Lowcountry Summer when it was first released a few years ago. I came across the book today while searching for another book and decided to re-read it and write the review.

This book has three main characters Dr. Hope Sutton, Theo Howell and Rebecca, all of whom lead lives of some priviledge and sucess. Hope is a columnist who helps everyone with their relationship problems only to be faced with her own. She catches her "perfect" man with another man and then finds she has a medical condition that will require surgery. Hope packs up and heads to the Gullah islands to relax and heal her spirit and prepare for her surgery.

Rebecca is a trophy wife is tired of the family drama and being unappreciated. She leaves her family for a vacation to find herself and almost finds herself having an affair with a older man. Rebecca's husband is a typical workaholic who had an affair with another woman and thinks he's losing Rebecca because she no longer falling in line with what he wants her to do.

Theo Howell is a screenwriter who gained custody of his two half-brothers and sisters whom he barely knows. Theo is not only struggling with learning how to care for three teenagers he is learning how to love them despite his spite for the way their mother abandoned him. Theo has help with the kids from Helen his live-in housekeeper. Brandon, Christian and Noelle are a handful and they decide that their brother needs a woman and they are gonna help him get one.

I love this book and I had forgotten that some parts of the book are really sad but there is enough drama in parts that it makes up for the sadness. I recommend this book and give it five out of five smiley's.

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