Monday, July 11, 2011

To Love A Stallion by Deborah Fletcher Mello

To Love A Stallion (Kimani Romance)To Love A Stallion by Deborah Fletcher Mello

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This story is about John Stallion and Marah. Marah's father decides to sell his ranch to the Stallion brothers but Marah is not having it. She bursts in on the staff meeting to let the brothers know that her father is not going to sell.

Add to the fact that the brother's godmother is marrying Marah's father and you have a whole lot of accusations and spoiled children. While the brothers are happy for the couple Marah and her sisters act like brats when they learn of their father's upcoming marriage. Marah takes it the hardest and is the most insolent person you would ever meet.

Fast forward ...

John decides that he likes Marah's passion but of course through a series of mis communication and childishness they are apart. Until the rest of their families decide that the best way to have the families merge happily is to get John and Marah to marry.

this was an okay book but I know the author can do better...

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