Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What Tastes Like Love by Zuri Day

What Love Tastes LikeWhat Love Tastes Like by Zuri Day

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First off I have to say that I received this book directly from the author for my review.

I liked the book a lot. I had a slight problem with the references to the female genital area. In other words the terms used were dated and just a little un refined. I would have preferred she just use the vulgar term as apposed to what was used.

Now on to the story it was quite a good story. Dominique is the male character, he is rich, sexy and aggressive. You will know right away that he always goes after what he wants and usually wins. He has a conscience a keen sense of who is and a good amount of sexiness.

Tiffany is the female lead character with a host of issues. She is a sous chief with dreams of opening her own spot. She does not have the support of her parents but her grandmother and best friend are more than enough support.

I enjoyed the book and my copy is not the final edit so the language may have changed in the final edited version.

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